Ely Cathedral, 28th February  As soon as you walk out of the chilly evening air through the West door, you know that something is about to begin. The pool of light in the Octagon draws you closer, and you walk the length of the darkened nave, your quiet footfalls on the stone floor. As you approach … More Silence

Lent Doodles: Fish

Here’s my second Lent doodle.  The idea here is that the fish all fit together precisely because they’re not the same as each other. In fact, some of the fish are downright weird looking and a little mis-shapen. But if they weren’t they wouldn’t fit in here, and more importantly, they’d be stopping other fish … More Lent Doodles: Fish

Lent Doodle: The Boat

The Cambridge Theological Federation is taking part in a creative Lent project in which everyone is invited to respond (in words, music, art, photography etc) to any or all of the 76 biblical descriptions of the church.  Here’s the blog that’s collecting them all. Here’s my first.  The idea is that the boat may look … More Lent Doodle: The Boat

A poem about Lent

Trying to get myself in the right mindset (heartset, soulset etc) for Lent. These forty days of prayer and discipline are given for us to slowly grow in grace and learn to be your people once again, to find our truest home in your embrace. In pilgrimage, through hours and days and weeks of changing who we … More A poem about Lent