John 21

Got the urge to paint. This is the bit in John 21 where Peter realises that Jesus has forgiven him, and they're about to go and rejoin the others for breakfast.


Easter Pictures

I've wanted to do this for ages, and tonight I did. I took home some of the charred wood from the Easter Fire, and used it to sketch some images of the resurrection. Mary in the garden Jesus came and stood among his disciples and said, 'Peace be with you'. Jesus made himself known in... Continue Reading →

Pontius Pilate’s random thoughts about how it’s everyone else’s fault

The eastern sky was liquid-red this morning. Though the sun’s well up, the air is cold, There’s something dark – a shepherd’s warning? That’s the phrase, I think. And I’ve been told They had a shepherd-king, once, long ago. A king! Imagine that. Who’d want to rule A people who, in fear, would stoop so... Continue Reading →

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