Stations of the Cross

The Biblical Stations of the Cross - pen and ink


Cambridge Stations: Peter denies Jesus

Westcott House is once again commissioning Stations of the Cross for churches and chapels across the city. This year, I have been allocated station 4: Peter denies Jesus. “And he went out and wept bitterly” Charcoal on paper Digitally manipulated print           Peter’s betrayal of Christ is deeply personal, yet he... Continue Reading →

Pontius Pilate’s random thoughts about how it’s everyone else’s fault

The eastern sky was liquid-red this morning. Though the sun’s well up, the air is cold, There’s something dark – a shepherd’s warning? That’s the phrase, I think. And I’ve been told They had a shepherd-king, once, long ago. A king! Imagine that. Who’d want to rule A people who, in fear, would stoop so... Continue Reading →

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