Jesus calms a storm

You can read an adult version of the story in Luke chapter 8.

One day, Jesus and his friends got into their boat and set off across the lake.
Jesus was tired, and fell asleep on a cushion in the boat.
While he was sleeping, a storm began to blow, and the waves tossed the little boat up and down until Jesus’ friends were afraid that it would sink.

They woke Jesus up, and said to him,
‘Don’t you care that we’re all going to drown?’
Jesus said, ‘Don’t you trust me? Don’t you trust God?’

Then he stood up and stretched out his hands.
He spoke to the storm and to the waves and the wind:
‘Peace, be still!’
The wind stopped howling, and the waves became calm – the storm was over!

Jesus’ friends began to wonder who Jesus really was.
Surely only God can control the weather?


Things to do…

Draw your own picture for this story. Which moment of the story do you want to draw?  The storm?  Jesus asleep?  Jesus saying ‘Peace’? His friends wondering, a the end?

Think about the storm, and how Jesus’ friends were afraid.
What makes you afraid? What feels out of control in your life?

Think about Jesus on the cushion, sleeping through the storm.
What makes you feel safe? Who do you trust to keep you safe?

Make a tiny, squashy cushion all of your own, and keep it in your pocket.  Whenever you feel afraid, give it a squeeze and remember that even in the hardest, most scary situations, God is with you.

Get a plain pillow case and use sharpie pens or fabric pens to write or draw on it something that reminds you of how much God loves you – it might be a cross, a heart, a prayer, a bible verse…. Put the pillow case on your own pillow, inside your usual pillow case – that way, whenever you lie down to sleep you are resting your head on your trust in God.