Women of Holy Week

Last year I worked on a project with the fabulous Paula Gooder to illustrate her nine short stories entitled ‘Women of Holy Week’. The resulting book was hugley popular last Lent, and I suspect it will be again this year, so it’s absolutely not too late to get hold of copies and use them in your church or in your personal devotions, or as a gift for friends. It’s wonderfully readable, and includes ideas for reflection as well as historical / scriptural details drawn from Paula’s scholarly wisdom that really enrich the narrative.

Buy the book here (links to Church House Publishing)

If you would like to use the images alongside the book in worship or Lent groups etc, you can download them from my book illustrations page. There are nine individual paintings, and one large composite image, to be ‘read’ in a spiral direction starting at the top left hand corner, following the order that the stories appear in Paula’s book. Because the stories are all interwoven with each other, so are the paintings – you can enjoy them separately or together.

NB if you don’t have the means to do high quality colour printing you may find projecting the images more satisfying.

2 thoughts on “Women of Holy Week

  1. Dear Ally, I absolutely love the book and your paintings. Together you bring into view the beauty and relevance of these women.
    We have just created a Koinonia room in our house and would love to have these pictures as a centre piece.
    How do you recommend I get them printed for framing? To look like a painting (s) rather than a poster.
    I’m assuming the originals are not for sale?
    Love & Blessings to you as we enter Holy Week

    1. Hi Debbie, so lovely to hear how much you liked the book! Paula has the originals, so when I wanted prints I just took them to our local camera and print shop and they did a great job. The images on the blog are fairly high res, but if you’re in doubt about how big you can print without losing quality, just check with your local film printing shop. Most of these places will do canvas options but I preferred just to get mine on good quality photo paper.

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