Stations of the Cross

The Biblical Stations of the Cross - pen and ink


Cambridge Stations: Peter denies Jesus

Westcott House is once again commissioning Stations of the Cross for churches and chapels across the city. This year, I have been allocated station 4: Peter denies Jesus. “And he went out and wept bitterly” Charcoal on paper Digitally manipulated print           Peter’s betrayal of Christ is deeply personal, yet he... Continue Reading →

New hymn, to celebrate 100 years since (some) women were able to vote in the UK

The following words were written to the tune 'Ewing' (Jerusalem the golden), at the request of St Martin in the Fields, for a BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship broadcast in February 2018.  It would also go to pretty much any 77676D iambic tune, of which there are many. There came a generation Who rose to... Continue Reading →


Sermon doodle: Jonah and the baptism of Christ

I don't write a full script when I preach unless I have to, but I love to preach from some kind of mind map or picture-word combination.  As an experiment I neatened up one from last night to see if it would be a useful or beautiful thing for people to see.  The result is... Continue Reading →


Baptism of Christ


Psalm 8

Psalm 8 was set for morning prayer today, so here are two illustrations for it - one old, one new.


Holy family


Lent hymn

Written for Helen and her churches. Tune is Slane.  Lord of our life, our beginning and end, Our Father, our shepherd, our Saviour and friend, We look to your teaching in each fresh new day To lead us and guide us and show us your way. Ten laws to teach us to live in your... Continue Reading →


Carol Service homily

There's a story I heard of a meeting in heaven between three archangels - they had been given by God the task of working how how to spread the good news of Jesus' birth, and they couldn't agree! Gabriel said, "We should go round and tell everyone one at a time. The personal, individual approach... Continue Reading →


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