The prodigal son

This is a way to tell the story of the prodigal son, using ribbons. HEALTH WARNING: I’ve done this exercise with both with children and with adults, and it is quite powerful – essentially it’s psychodrama, and you should only do it if you’re confident about facilitating this kind of process. It’s always worth having … More The prodigal son

Hymn tune

I don’t normally write hymn tunes, because I’ve generally found that people are pretty resistant to learning new ones, but this one occurred to me earlier today. It would be a less attractive stunt double for Guiting Power if you wrote some words to that tune and then realised that you weren’t allowed to use … More Hymn tune

All Age All Saints

This activity works really well using Hebrews 11, but could also be adaopted for other passages that mention multiple people of God. Prepare some coloured paper people, several per colour and write names on them as follows:  Red: the heroes of the faith in Heb 11 Orange: the first disciples, St Paul etc Yellow: early/mediaval … More All Age All Saints

Ordination explored

Have you ever taken a small child to an ordination? It’s really important for children who have a significant adult being ordained to be able to take part and support that person at such a joyful and significant moment. It’s also really important to affirm that children are full members of the body of Christ- … More Ordination explored

Harvest resources

It must be time to post something about harvest – here’s a collection of stuff that might be useful. Some all age ideas The four corners of God’s love (not my idea – I learnt it from a Sally Army officer ages ago!) Start with a large square or rectangular piece of paper, and announce … More Harvest resources