Morning Hymn

Here's a morning hymn  that goes to Slane, to reflect the clothing and armour bits of Ephesians 6 and Colossians 3.  A bit rough and ready, because I needed it for something in a hurry. Suggestions for improvement are most welcome! Morning by morning you call us anew To live each day faithfully, following you,... Continue Reading →


All age friendly sending out song

My train was delayed so while I waited I wrote this, to the tune of 'I saw three ships'. It's not profound, but it might be useful to someone somewhere. Now send us out to serve you, Lord, and show the love of heaven above, We gladly go to serve you, Lord, on this and... Continue Reading →

New hymn, to celebrate 100 years since (some) women were able to vote in the UK

The following words were written to the tune 'Ewing' (Jerusalem the golden), at the request of St Martin in the Fields, for a BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship broadcast in February 2018.  It would also go to pretty much any 77676D iambic tune, of which there are many. There came a generation Who rose to... Continue Reading →

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