Science Hymn

This was written for Ely Cathedral’s Science Festival (May/June 2017) and was sung for the first time this morning in the Cathedral, so is now free for anyone to use. Enjoy.  The tune is Love Unknown. Praise for the depths of space,its endless scope and scale:in such a vast embraceour words and numbers fail.For what … More Science Hymn

People of God

Here’s the new painting (well, newly finished – it’s been on the go for about 4 years, on and off!).  It’s called ‘People of God’ and it’s acrylic on canvas. Not sure how many people there are, but they’re all unique. Maybe between 750 and 1000?  Could be more. Who knows!

Bible Sunday 2016

Sermon for St John’s Hills Road, Cambridge Bible Sunday, 2016 Many years ago as I was planning an All Age service for Bible Sunday I lamented to a colleague that there weren’t many hymns about the Bible. The Colleague rightly pointed out that this was because hymns are songs of worship, and we don’t, in … More Bible Sunday 2016

The Good Samaritan

Maybe I am doing him a disservice, but the lawyer reminds me of one of those people who ask a question to which they already know the answer, so that they can demonstrate their expertise. He knows the right words to say, he correct formula, but he’s clearly struggling with the implications. He’s not quite … More The Good Samaritan

Easter Hymns

Here are the three Easter hymns that I have written, conveniently copied into one post so you can find them easily. Easter Morning hymn The tune is Praise my soul / Lauda anima. Early, while the world was sleeping, to the garden Mary came; lost in lonely grief, still weeping till in love you spoke her … More Easter Hymns