Lent hymn

Written for Helen and her churches. Tune is Slane.  Lord of our life, our beginning and end, Our Father, our shepherd, our Saviour and friend, We look to your teaching in each fresh new day To lead us and guide us and show us your way. Ten laws to teach us to live in your … More Lent hymn

Hymn tune

I don’t normally write hymn tunes, because I’ve generally found that people are pretty resistant to learning new ones, but this one occurred to me earlier today. It would be a less attractive stunt double for Guiting Power if you wrote some words to that tune and then realised that you weren’t allowed to use … More Hymn tune

The mustard seed

Sharing this again, by request. I love how Jesus measures tree size not in cubits (or whatever), but in hospitality. How big is the tree?  Oh, big enough for birds to make their home there. Big enough to offer safety and hospitality. Big enough for them to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. We … More The mustard seed

Science Hymn

This was written for Ely Cathedral’s Science Festival (May/June 2017) and was sung for the first time this morning in the Cathedral, so is now free for anyone to use. Enjoy.  The tune is Love Unknown. Praise for the depths of space,its endless scope and scale:in such a vast embraceour words and numbers fail.For what … More Science Hymn