I dabble in various arty things, and by posting them I’m not implying anything about their quality or artistic value, but if you like them, you’re welcome to download them and use them.

acrylic on canvas, 2020
(based on a photograph by Martin Bond (c) A Cambridge Diary)
Trinity Hall Chapel, Cambridge
acrylic on canvas, 2020
This one belongs to the Dean
Trinity Street, Cambridge
Acrylic on Canvas, 2020
Punts on the River Cam, acrylic on canvas, 2020
Cambridge Market as lockdown begins to lift
Acrylic on canvas 2020
Old lonely shed (from a photograph by Martin Bond (c) A Cambridge Diary)
pen and ink on paper, 2020
Emmanuel College, Cambridge
Pen and ink on paper, 2020
This belongs to Emma’s dad, who studied here.
Green Street, Cambridge
pen and ink 2020
This belongs to Sarah MacDonald
Selwyn College, Cambridge
pen and ink 2020
I can’t remember who this went to!
Hobson’s, St Catharine’s College, Cambridge
acrylic on canvas board, 2020
This one belongs to Beth’s dad, who studied here
Hobson’s, St Catharine’s College, Acrylics on cardboard and an old stretch canvas frame, 2020
This belongs to the College Nurse
‘Angels’ (based on the Holly McNish poem, ‘Praise’), Acrylics on canvas, 2020
This belongs to Mary, for her office.
St Catharine’s College Chapel, Acrylics on canvas, 2020
This now belongs to Scarlett, in aid of the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust
Lake District, Acrylic 2020
If they like it, this is for the admissions and schools outreach office at Catz
King’s Parade, as seen from Great St Mary’s Tower, Acrylic on Canvas, January 2020
“Missing scene”
(the newly resurrected Jesus comes down from seeing his friends in the upper room, and finds his mum at the bottom of the stairs. Acrylic on canvas, 2019
After the dream (That bit when Joseph wakes up from the dream warning him about Herod, and has to tell Mary that they must leave because the soldiers are coming)
Acrylic on canvas, 2019
The One with the Crumby Dog (Industrial Version)
Acrylic on Canvas, 2019
Rosie the Riveter
Acrylic on canvas, 2019
Ruth and Naomi
Acrylic on canvas board, 2019
Nevertheless they persisted
(a deptiction of women of God from scripture and church history)
pen on paper, 2018(?)
Annunciation II
2019, Acrylic on canvas
This one now belongs to Scott.
Maundy Thursday
2019. Acrylic on canvas.
This one now belongs to Steve and Marco
Magnificat (Mary the Riveter), 2019 (acrylic and gold leaf on canvas)
This one now belongs to Shana Maloney

Annunciation, 2019, acrylic, paper and pva glue and gold leaf on canvas)

Badass Esther, 2018 (Acrylic on canvas)
in that moment between her going into the King’s court and having to bow down and look subservient 
This one now belongs to Mr Jones and the Theology Department at St Bede’s Interchurch School, Cambridge

Westcott House, pen and ink, 2019
This one now belongs to Alice and Coral Jolley
Hiding from the massacre of the innocents, acrylic on canvas 2019
This one belongs to Mary Hawes
Ruth and Naomi, perhaps, 2018, acrylic on canvas board
This one belongs to Lizzi
Hiding from the massacre of the innocents, pen and ink on paper, 2018
Woman with ointment
acrylic on canvas ?2018
This one belongs to Hannah I
Women of the bible being liberated from the text
pencil on paper, for IWD 2019
Four strong women conspire to save Moses, 2018, Acrylic on canvas
This one belongs to Vanessa

The crucifixion (2018, acrylic and gold leaf on torn canvas)
The heavens are torn open, and we see heaven through them like the gold on an icon.
Or, it’s a pre-echo of the healing wound that Thomas touched after the resurrection.
Or, it’s the Japanese tradition in which broken vessels are mended with gold. 

This one now belongs to Sophie Young

Elijah sleeping under the broom tree

Self Care Elijah, or ‘the Elijah Hierarchy of Needs’ (2017/18? Acrylic on canvas)
1 Kings 19: When Elijah couldn’t even, God gave him permission to rest by providing a tree for shelter, some water and a cake.

This one may end up staying at Westcott House

Jesus heals a woman with haemorrhages (2018, Acrylic on canvas)
These three paintings were auctioned for Bloody Good Period – they went to three different people.

Walking through water and fire (2018, Acrylic on canvas)
This is based on Isaiah 43.1-2
It belongs to Rachel Reveley

Hands holding a hazel nut

It exists because God loves it (2018, acrylic on canvas)
Based on Julian of Norwich’s vision of the hazel nut

It belongs to Sophie S-B

You know that I love you (2017/18? acrylic on wooden board)
Based on John 21

This one now belongs to Kathryn at Coventry Cathedral
Peter went out and wept bitterly, 2017, charcoal on paper
This on is Sam P’s

Mary (2017/18? pen and ink on paper)

Mary, Pen and Ink, 2017
This is Pete H’s now.

The Canaanite / Syrophonoecian woman with the dog who eats the crumbs
(2017? acrylic on canvas, and then pen and ink on paper)
This one went to the inimitable Liz B

Easter morning in the garden (2017, acrylic on canvas)
It belongs to Annabel

Visitation (2017, acrylic on canvas)
It belongs to Mel, courtesy of Jonnie

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem (2016/17? acrylic on canvas)
Chris Campbell has this one now


Madonna and child (2016, acrylic on canvas)
Mary is now at home in the Lady Chapel of a church in London, courtesy of Roxane and Dilly

Baptism of Christ (2017, acrylic on canvas)
This belongs to Earl

People of God - acrylic on canvas
People of God
(2016? acrylic on canvas)
No idea how many people there are (best guess somewhere around 800)
This belongs to the Hupfields

Westcott House in Summer, and then in Winter (2016, acrylic on canvas)
Danny P has this one
Westcott House in Winter
2016, acrylic on canvas
Danny P also has this one

Mary, co-sleeping

The ‘O’ Antiphons

Mary. Or Hannah. Or Sarah. Or Hagar. Or Eve….


The Angels and the Shepherds


Flight into Egypt

Advent Illustrated Light
Big Bang
? 2015, ink on paper

Psalm 1 (2017, acrylic on canvas)
Two versions – this one belongs to Lizzy/Tal

Psalm 1 (2017, acrylic on canvas)
Two versions – one includes part of the psalm in words
Ali G has this one
The incarnation (2014, acrylic on canvas)
The Masters Family has this one

The Library at Pembroke College, Cambridge (2014? acrylic on canvas)
Sam has this one

Girl dancer (2015, acrylic on canvas)
Amelia has this one, as it’s her in the picture

Church interior (2016, acrylic on canvas)

Some church or other that Danny P asked me to do
St Mary’s Buckden (2013? acrylic on canvas)
This belongs to the Carters
St Mary’s, Buckden, c.2009? Acrylic on Canvas
View from St Mary’s Buckden


St Mary’s Godmanchester, with steeplejack (2013? acrylic on canvas)
This was a gift commissioned for the chap in the picture

Resurrection encounters, drawn with charcoal taken from the Easter Fire.

Jesus and Peter embracing after the resurrection, drawn in charcoal
Jesus at the supper at Emmaus - drawn in charcoal
Jesus showing the disciples his wounds and saying 'Peace be with you' - drawn in charcoal
Mary and Jesus in the garden, drawn in charcoal

Two pictures of the Holy Family:

These next two were drawn by my son when he was eight!

lancaster drawing
train drawing


  1. Hi Ally – I’m a friend of a friend who suggested I look at your fantastic artworks because I was looking for an artistic depiction of the Magnificat as a visual for a virtual choir video I’m putting together. I love your work and I’ve found just what I need – it will be credited, of course!

  2. Thank you so much for these images! I am a bulletin editor for my parish, and I love being able to use art portraying people of color! Besides ancient icons, it can be hard to find non-white-European images that are free to use. I am bookmarking your blog 🙂 Thanks again.

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