Marriage & Weddings

OK, so there’s not massive amounts of resources on this page, but what there is seems to have been useful to people!

Making the most of your church wedding is a 32-page full colour booklet, for couples preparing for marriage in church. It uses the liturgy (words and actions) of the service to explore issues of live, faith, love, commitment, family, God and more. Lots of lovely pictures and ideas about things to do, as well as things to read and think about.  And you can get it in packs of ten…

Then if you have wedding couples who already have children, you might like to download and print out this: Wedding workbook for children
(for printing, print it two pages per page, back to back, in the order 8,1,2,7,6,3,4,5 if you want it too look like an 8 page A5 booklet)

Ages ago I did a wedding colouring book, but the pictures aren’t great. I keep meaning to re-do it, but until I do, here it is in its very ropey current state! St Mary’s Wedding colouring book

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