Here’s a collection of prayer things – some for private use, some for public, some for adults, but mostly for children. Download and enjoy!

Prayer zig zag 

prayerzigzagThe zig zag folds to less than the size of a credit card.  You can download it here as a pdf (two to a page), then just print it out on photo paper and fold it. Downlod it here: prayer zig zags


This is the way we pray to God.

This is something I’ve been working on – it’s not finished yet, but feedback would be welcome, and it may be useful to someone in the mean time.  If you download it and formatting has gone strange, let me know and I’ll send you a pdf. This is the way we pray to God draft 2


Intercession Picture Cards

Are the intercessions long and wordy? Children (and indeed adults) don’t always find it easy to engage with long wordy intercessions in church.  So we printed out and laminated a whole load of visual images that can be spread out on the floor and then picked up and put on the prayer board (in the shape of the giant heart) in response to what’s being prayed for in words.  Here are some images that we have found to be helpful – bear in mind these are all pictures that I’ve found online, and no copyright infridgement is intended!  Prayer Board Pictures

Lord’s Prayer Colouring book
Not artistically my best work but was useful backup for a service and school RE day based on the Lord’s Prayer.   Download it here: Lord’s Prayer colouring book and, as usual, print it out two pages to a sheet in the usual strange order: 8,1,2,7,6,3,4,5 and then photocopy it double sided.

What is prayer?
A fairly basic leaflet for adults about what prayer is and how to start going about it. Again, no rocket science here…. 
What is prayer (trifold)


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  1. Thanks for linking to this here – I’ve also reblogged the post to one of my other sites, ‘Words worth sharing’ and will archive the prayers there, too, with the other marriage-related material.

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