Jesus feeds a crowd

You can find a full version of this story in Matthew chapter 14.

Jesus had been teaching the crowd all day. Everyone was tired, and hungry and thirsty, and Jesus’ friends were worried about how many people there were. How could they possibly feed this many people?

They asked Jesus, but he just said, ‘You find them some food.’

All they had was five small loaves of bread and two fish.  How could that possibly feed a crowd so big?

But Jesus took the food in his hands, and said a thank you prayer to God, asking God to bless the food. Then he started breaking it into pieces, and gave the pieces to his friends to pass around the crowd.

Jesus’ friends were amazed.  Somehow, everyone in the crowd – about 5000 people – had enough to eat!

And, when they went round to collect the leftovers, they filled twelve baskets!

Things to do!

Make bread, and take some round to a neighbour as a treat and a gift.

Think about the twelve baskets of leftovers. What do you think Jesus and his friends did with the leftover food?  Once the baskets are empty again, what would you want to put in them?  What do you have that you would like Jesus to bless and help you share?  It might be a gift or talent, or some time, or even money, or hospitality…

Find out about any local foodbanks, and have a look through your cupboards for food that you might not get round to eating before it’s gone off – why not donate it to a foodbank or local homeless shelter or soup kitchen?