Palm Sunday Song for children

1. He’ll be riding on a donkey when he comes (x2)
He’ll be riding on a donkey,
Riding on a donkey,
Riding on a donkey when he comes.

So we’ll sing hosanna when he comes (x2)
So we’ll sing hosanna, sing hosanna,
Sing hosanna when he comes.

2.We will all come out to meet him when he comes…

3. We will throw our cloaks* before him when he comes…

4. We will wave our palms to greet him when he comes…

(*or coats, or whatever)

To the tune ‘she’ll be coming round the mountain’. You’re welcome.

6 thoughts on “Palm Sunday Song for children

  1. Just thought i would share a song i taught for a kids’ Palm Sunday Procession . To the tune of 3 cheers for our bus driver. THREE CHEERS FOR JESUS, FOR JESUS, FOR JESUS, 3 CHEERS FOR JESUS WHO IS WITH US TODAY. GOD BLESS US, WE NEED IT, GOD BLESS US, WE NEED IT, 3 CHEERS FOR JESUS WHO IS WITH US TODAY. Also sang JESUS LOVES ME AND THE TRADITIONAL CHEER,

  2. Thank you for this song. In these COVID-19 times I am tasked with giving a children’s item for our online Palm Sunday church service. This will do very well.

    Thanks again, and God Bless
    Brisbane, Australia

  3. I record songs for virtual children’s worship for our church. Usually, I write the words to go along with Public Domain tunes. I love this Palm Sunday Song for Children! Will you grant permission for me to use it in our church recording, which is posted on YouTube? I will give you credit.

  4. Thank you so much for this song. It is perfect for our 3-4 year old Sunday School story time. Great content to reinforce the Bible story, but repetitive so they will be able to catch on and sing with me.

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