Birmingham Diocese’s strategy document in metric verse. Because hymns.

Here and now we’re drawn together:
hold us all in one embrace.
Help us see, in one another,
difference as a gift of grace.
As each passing generation
worships you in fresh new ways,
join our songs with all creation,
lift our voice to sing your praise.

Lord, affirm our shared vocation:
may we bring your plans to birth,
build a church on Christ’s foundation,
fit to tend a troubled earth.
Growing, praying, sharing, learning,
deep in wisdom, broad in scope,
love-revealing, truth-discerning,
living out the gospel hope.

In your work of transformation
you are making all things new.
Stir our hearts’ imagination,
call us now to work with you.
As we live the Great Commission
all will find their part to play:
Send us out to share your mission,
joyful in the world today.

(tune: Abbot’s Leigh, or any suitable 8787D trochaic tune)

One thought on “Birmingham Diocese’s strategy document in metric verse. Because hymns.

  1. Thanks for the full thing. Glad you got it finished – I feel it gets even more interesting as it goes on with some nice surprises. The idea of writing a hymn based on a strategy document would be absolutely beyond me! Have left you a tree message on the table. x Mum

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