Every so often someone asks me if they can use my doodly pictures that I sometimes use on orders of service and leaflets. Here they are, in no particular order! They’re all my own work, so there’s no licensing to worry about. Help yourself.

Stations of the Cross

Jesus in the garden at Gethsemane

The Betrayal and Arrest

The Trial by the Sanhedrin

The Denial by Peter

The Judgement by Pilate

The scourging and crowning with thorns

Jesus bears the cross

Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Jesus is crucified

Jesus speaks to his mother and disciple

Jesus dies

Jesus Placed in the Tomb

The visitation:

Now some Christmassy ones:






The Holy Family:

The Holy Innocents:

These are the ‘O’ antiphons used towards the end of Advent:








Some bits and bobs for Remembrancetide:

poppy remembrance clipart

war memorial remembrance clipart

Three images of baptism:

baptism 1

baptism 2

baptism 3

Then it’s all a bit random from here:

19th sept 2014 005

wheat sheaf clipart


Jesus and the little children

cross and doves 2

widow's mite


It was then that I carried you (1)

Two way embrace (3)

It was then that I stopped carrying you and dragged you kicking

New family from the cross


If you really loved me you'd find me

See my wounds

The whole world in his hand

It was then that I carried you (2)

Two-way embrace

The woman no longer bent double

Three-way embrace

I wash my hands of him

Jesus and the little children

17 thoughts on “Clipart

  1. Thank you for your generosity. The clip art will be very useful for my weekly church newsletter in Carmarthenshire, Wales.

  2. Do you have a Pentecost doodle I can use on my Church Notices, please? The ones for other services look really useful, thank you.

  3. Dear Reverend Ally,
    I like your blog very much and often use things from it in my very small Sunday school in a Lutheran church in Massachusetts, USA. Thank you so much for your generosity.

  4. Reverend Ally,
    I use your clip art when teaching about worship and about Holy Week. Might you consider sometime adding a drawing of a paschal candle? Thanks.

    1. I’ve added one just now to the ‘Lent, Holy Week and Easter’ gallery on the clipart page – a bit rough and ready as I’m at work, but it’s something

      1. That was very fast! I was thinking of next year. Thank you so much. I am already using it.

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