The Epiphany Game

It must be that time of night – if you need an Epiphany thing for church children’s groups here’s a game that’s quite fun to play:  Epiphany game

Print out the sheets (either two to a page, or four to a page, depending on how big you want them to be), and cut them out.

Arrange them on the floor in order (or give them to people to hold if that makes more sense, as long as they’re sitting roughly in a line or circle – this is the way we did it in a school collective worship).

Use a large dice if you have one (or make one by wrapping a cube shaped teabag box or tissue box in Christmas paper and drawing the spots on with a sharpie).

Use three real people as ‘counters’ (the three magi, each with a different coloured crown on, from Christmas crackers).

Talk about the elements of the Epiphany story as you play the game.

I added ‘collect a heart’ at the Bethlehem square – you can cut these out of paper, or use heart shaped chocolates or biscuits. You have to roll a one to start, and you have to exactly land on Bethlehem, you can’t just go past it and carry on.


6 thoughts on “The Epiphany Game

    1. From memory, about 15 minutes – and there was some faffing and quite a lot of talking in that… it definitely fitted into one of our normal collective worship slots. But it would depend on how the dice rolls, I suppose. Have fun!

  1. Really hope it goes well. When I did it at school last year I have out the cards to the people sitting on the ends of the rows and on the back row so that the whole assembly hall became the ‘board’. It worked out at about the right number of people for the number of cards. But your seating plan may be different. I put two consecutive cards in about Herod’s plot as it’s crucial to the story, but not always remembered by the kids (and the dice roll on that square ensures that you can’t land on both of them, if you see what I mean). Hope it works!

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