Adventy-Christmassy hymn. Slightly recycled.

This used to be a sonnet, but I’m no Malcom Guite, and before that it was a sermon. Anyway, it occurred to me that I could rewrite it as a hymn for the end of Advent, leading into Christmas. It could be sung to ‘Woodlands’ (Tell out my soul). 

Genuinely would love to know if you think it works. And if you like it, you are welcome to use it!

Words of the prophets since the world began
So long before salvation’s human birth
Speaking of God’s tremendous loving plan
for heav’n to touch the long-estrangèd earth.

Those ancient words at last began to be
in flesh and skin and bone and blood unfurled
In maiden womb and half-made family –
so heaven stooped to touch a fallen world.

Amongst the stable beasts behind the inn,
the baby’s eyes saw first a mother’s love;
and though their world, like ours, was full of sin,
yet in their gaze the earth met heav’n above.

We cry aloud for peace, goodwill to all,
and for God’s heaven to touch his earth again,
We bend our ears to hear the angels’ call,
and raise our voice to join the great Amen.

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