Ordination Explored – Episcopal edition

Have you ever taken a small child to an ordination? It’s really important for children who have a significant adult being ordained to be able to take part and support that person at such a joyful and significant moment. It’s also really important to affirm that children are full members of the body of Christ- especially as we celebrate the way that God calls each of his people to ministries of different kinds.

But ordination services can be long, and while there’s lots going on, it may not feel very accessible to children.  The original ‘ordination explored’ resources were compiled to help children engage with the event. You can download them all here:


We are now very excited to launch a revised ‘ordination explored – episcopal edition’ booklet designed for children who are attending the consecration of a bishop! You can download it here – make sure you print your copy before you set off if you’re heading to an episcopal consecration with children in tow.

Baptism activity workbook for children

Following on from an online conversation with some lovely clergy mummies, here’s the first draft of a ‘baptism activity workbook’ that could be used to help engage older children with what’s happening in a baptism service. All comments and feedback are very welcome, as this is just a rough draft.
As with all my booklets, you have to print it in page order 12,1,2,11,10,3,4,9,8,5,6,7 and print two pages per sheet.  Unless your printer is cleverer than mine and can make booklets….
Anyway, here it is: Baptism workbook