The easiest paper nativity set in the world.

Photocopy-able, colour-in-able, limited talents in cutting and sticking required. Do help yourself!  LLLA Make your own paper crib scene
This is not a work of art, nor a thing of great beauty, but if you want something easy and cheap, it might just fit the bill!

Baptism activity workbook for children

Following on from an online conversation with some lovely clergy mummies, here’s the first draft of a ‘baptism activity workbook’ that could be used to help engage older children with what’s happening in a baptism service. All comments and feedback are very welcome, as this is just a rough draft.
As with all my booklets, you have to print it in page order 12,1,2,11,10,3,4,9,8,5,6,7 and print two pages per sheet.  Unless your printer is cleverer than mine and can make booklets….
Anyway, here it is: Baptism workbook