Ordination explored

Have you ever taken a small child to an ordination? It’s really important for children who have a significant adult being ordained to be able to take part and support that person at such a joyful and significant moment. It’s also really important to affirm that children are full members of the body of Christ- especially as we celebrate the way that God calls each of his people to ministries of different kinds.

But ordination services can be long, and while there’s lots going on, it may not feel very accessible to children.  To help children to engage with the ordination service and it’s themes, we* have put together some resources that you are welcome to download. These are:

  • An ‘Ordination Explored’ booklet containing pictures, questions, quizzes, and much more, which can be used during the service.
  • A ‘Churchy Jobs and Titles’ bingo sheet to help children work out who is who
  • A leaflet for parents with some ‘hints and tips’ for parents and carers for making the most of what is an amazing and joyful occasion

There are also some practical ideas to help cathedrals and DDOs to think about how they welcome children and families at what can be quite complicated occasions!

These files are available as .pdf files.  If you are printing them out, we recommend cream or light yellow paper, as this is generally most easily read by people with dyslexia or visual impairments. You should also be able to print out the resources twice the size if that would help. If you would like to receive the files in .docx format so as to be able to edit them for greater accessibilty, please email us using the contact details in the leaflets.

Ordination children’s booklet-3

Churchy jobs and titles bingo

Ordination Explored hints and tips for parents and carers

Ordination Explored hints and tips for cathedrals

New for 2019: the episcopal edition of the booklet, for those attending a consecration service – click here to see and download the new booklet.

The booklets were made by Elizabeth Lowson and Ally Barrett, with technical help from Dan Barrett. Lots of people helped us with good suggestions, and other people helped by testing the booklet out in real life.  We would like to say thank you to them all.

2 thoughts on “Ordination explored

  1. Realise that this is a while after posting, but just found these resources and so glad that you’ve considered this. I hope that ordination and licensing services can be made more welcome, not just for young children but for all with particular needs who’d like to be part of the service and support candidates. I attended a licensing service while heavily pregnant in Ely Cathedral and was really struck that to gain access to the toilets during the service I had to walk through the central altar area under the Octagon in front of everyone…there really was no discreet way to do it! Now I have a young child I’d be really put off attending, unless there’s seating provided for the congregation near to accessible toilets and spaces to move around eg. Lady Chapel or side transepts, as you suggest. I think I’d want to know this in advance and it be advertised on websites that children are welcome and provision is made for them. I’m of the view that children should be seated at the front of spaces and not seated at the back though, so I’d love to see cathedrals considering these dynamics. I think it would also help people with disabilities, the elderly, those who struggle to sit in hard seats for 2 hours at a time, etc! Thank you! I hope it is taken on board!

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