Hands holding a hazel nut

It exists because God loves it

A painting based on Julian of Norwich’s vision of the hazel nut.

Hands holding a hazel nut

“In this vision he showed me a little thing, the size of a hazelnut, and it was round as a ball. I looked at it with the eye of my understanding and thought “What may this be?” And it was generally answered thus: “It is all that is made.” I marvelled how it might last, for it seemed it might suddenly have sunk into nothing because of its littleness. And I was answered in my understanding: “It lasts and ever shall, because God loves it.” 

8 thoughts on “It exists because God loves it

  1. Hi! Revelations of Divine Love was extremely impactful on my husband. We even named our first child after Julian. Do you happen to sell prints of your painting? I would love to have one for my husband.

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