Are you ready to love life and live Lent?

Yes! It’s time to spring-clean the soul, work out what really matters, and do some things that bring heaven and earth a little closer for you and for everyone around you.

If you haven’t managed to pick up a Love Life Live Lent booklet, you can find out each daily action by following @livelent on twitter – the Love Life Live Lent website also offers a range of additional free resources for churches and schools and at home.

You can also check in here, where I’ll have another go at doing a daily blog, based on the action of the day – last year I got about half way through Lent before I fell asleep and missed a day; this year I’m hoping to be a little more lively and make it all the way through to Easter!

It all starts tomorrow, Shrove Tuesday, with the very pleasant first task of having a pancake party!  Here’s to a Lent that has prayer and parties, kindness and calm, activity and reflection in equal measure.

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