Nobody really wanted a new hymn for All Souls…

…but this one sprang to mind, and as usual it’s offered freely to anyone who likes the look of it. The tune is ‘Repton’ (Dear Lord and Father of mankind)

We place into your hands, O Lord,
the souls of those we love:
we trust your promise is not vain
that all, through grace and faith, may gain
a place in heaven above,
a place in heaven above.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
this world and all its care,
The grief and hurt and pain we feel,
when desperation makes us kneel
in silent, wordless prayer,
in silent, wordless prayer.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
These burdens that we bear:
Each sorrow and each past regret,
And ask that in our hearts you’ll set
your peace beyond compare,
your peace beyond compare.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
our future and our past:
And as you bless us on our way,
and travel with us night and day,
your love will hold us fast,
your love will hold us fast.

13 thoughts on “Nobody really wanted a new hymn for All Souls…

  1. well, we like it. (Uncle) Chris is sort of shutting down, not talking, being in bed, scarcely eating now. Dr does not know how long such a state might last. Two sets of people who had gone to the ALMing service on Sat at Ely noticed and liked your hymn about the church (Richard Hough and John and Judith, refugees from methodism who had never experienced a cathedral service and were overwhelmed just by the amount of sound! x G &G

  2. Ally – I didn’t KNOW I wanted a new hymn for All Souls tide, but having read this I really think I do. Thank you very much – even though it will mean that I need to revamp the whole order of service for “Journey On”. It’s excellent 🙂

    1. Thank you! And sorry about your order of service…. The thing with hymns is that when there’s one waiting to be written it pretty much writes itself, whereas I can sweat blood over trying to write one and get nowhere if it wasn’t waiting to be written in the first place… Thanks again, really glad you liked this one.

  3. Thank you for this – I’d love to use it at our service at Holy Trinity Clapham – can I give it a copyright credit?

  4. Planning to use this one at another workshop – introducing it to Wales at a Wrexham Diocesan Music Congress at the start of September – I hope that’s OK and many thanks – it’s a little gem and a perfect addition to the repertoire of healing hymns and remembrance songs.

  5. Hi – I have just found your wonderful hymn and I am looking forward to using it at two services I am taking on the 2nd of November. The words are comforting and reassuring. Thank you for freely sharing this. Every blessing in your Ministry. Tracey Harris

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