A Hymn for Peace

A hymn that I have submitted for the Jubilate ‘Hymn for Peace’ competition.

Tune is Love Unknown, by John Ireland.

Hope for the world’s despair:
we feel the nations’ pain;
can anything repair
this broken earth again?
For this we pray:
in every place
a spark of grace
to light the way.

Wisdom for all who bear
the future in their hand,
entrusted with the care
of this and every land.
When comes the hour,
O Lord, we pray,
inspire the way
we spend our power.

Honour for all who’ve paid
War’s painful, bitter price,
When duty called they made
Their greatest sacrifice.
Their memory
Will never cease
To cry for peace
And harmony.

Ease for the troubled mind
In endless conflict caught,
Each soul that cannot find
The peace beyond all thought.
May they be blessed
With healing balm
for inner calm
and perfect rest.

Love for the human heart:
When hate grows from our fears
And inwardly we start
To turn our ploughs to spears.
Help us to sow
Love’s precious seed
In word and deed,
That peace may grow.

Words © Ally Barrett / Jubilateadministered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd  copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk

Nobody really wanted a new hymn for All Souls…

…but this one sprang to mind, and as usual it’s offered freely to anyone who likes the look of it. The tune is ‘Repton’ (Dear Lord and Father of mankind)

We place into your hands, O Lord,
the souls of those we love:
we trust your promise is not vain
that all, through grace and faith, may gain
a place in heaven above,
a place in heaven above.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
this world and all its care,
The grief and hurt and pain we feel,
when desperation makes us kneel
in silent, wordless prayer,
in silent, wordless prayer.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
These burdens that we bear:
Each sorrow and each past regret,
And ask that in our hearts you’ll set
your peace beyond compare,
your peace beyond compare.

We place into your hands, O Lord,
our future and our past:
And as you bless us on our way,
and travel with us night and day,
your love will hold us fast,
your love will hold us fast.