A rather unseasonal picture


Gloucester Cathedral is hosting an art exhibition next month on the theme of Candlemas (the story of Jesus as a baby being presented in the temple).  Here’s my painting for the exhibition.  It’s acrylic on canvas, and mostly done with my fingers, rather than a brush – I love the feel of painty fingers!)  If you want to know what the weird archways are in the background they’re mostly the Pentateuch (the five books of Moses, symbolising the way Candlemas looks back to the past). The light comes from the baby Jesus, illuminating the faces of those gathered around him but also the pillars of the Pentateuch – the light that lightens the Gentiles also makes the beauty and the strength of the past come into clearer focus.   You can possibly just make out the barest shadow of a cross on the top of the painting.  The whole thing is rather unseasonal because Candlemas is in February.

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