When school came to church…

Today the whole of Buckden School in St Mary’s for their RE day on the theme of Candlemas, the story of Mary and Joseph bringing Jesus to the Temple, where they met the old prophet Simeon, who saw that Jesus would be a light for the nations.

We made ‘promise doves’  about our own future, and hung them from fishing line all the way across the chancel.

We drew our own versions of Simon with the baby Jesus, using pastels, and drew pictures of the church, and about how it made us feel coming into church.

We did a Bible search finding readings about light and darkness, and used some of them in our collective worship at the end of the day.

We cut out newspaper articles about the things that are dark in the world, and about signs of God’s light shining in the world.

We thought more about our identity: where we have come from and what our hopes are for the future.  Some of the older children did self-portraits as they are now, and as they imagine themselves to be when they are older.

When we came into church we thought about what it felt like to come to somewhere so special, but where we could also feel at home.  So we all brought our slippers with us and wore them for the whole time we were in church.

We also created a wordle using all the words that the children wrote down about how they felt in church.


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