Trinity Sunday – all age songs?

A friend was lamenting the lack of all age songs suitable for Trinity Sunday (at her church their service will also reflect on the church as a community in which all offer their gifts). If you’re stuck on the same thing, how about one of these:

First, singing in a round is a nice way of matching form and content when thinking about distinction and unity, so how about a round to the tune ‘Frere Jacques’?
Praise the Father, Praise the Father,
Praise the Son, Praise the Son,
Praise the Holy Spirit, Praise the Holy Spirit,
One in three, three in one.

Second, here’s one I made earlier, really based on 1 Corinthians 12. The tune is from the game Tetris, but is actually a Russian folk song.

Everyone here has a part to play as we love and serve the Lord today. Come to Jesus, follow in his way, in all we do and think and say. All are members of one body, building God's community!
Gathering song to the Tetris theme

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