Pontius Pilate’s random thoughts about how it’s everyone else’s fault

The eastern sky was liquid-red this morning.
Though the sun’s well up, the air is cold,
There’s something dark – a shepherd’s warning?
That’s the phrase, I think. And I’ve been told
They had a shepherd-king, once, long ago.
A king! Imagine that. Who’d want to rule
A people who, in fear, would stoop so low?
They’d throw their own man to the wolves. The fool!
He had his chance to plead his cause and sway
My judgement. I am not the one to blame.
Is this the truth? I don’t care either way.
Die now or later? End result’s the same.
I take the bowl and watch the ripples still.
“You have no power over me” he said.
He’s right. I soak my dirty hands until
Some quirk of sunlight turns the water red.

4 thoughts on “Pontius Pilate’s random thoughts about how it’s everyone else’s fault

  1. Reverend Ally,

    I hope you are well.

    I always find your posts both interesting and enlightening. Sometime ago you posted on the mustard seed and questioned if we too were as accommodating as the tree.

    I keep all your posts but for some reason this post has disappeared. Would you mind sending it to me again, please.


    Christopher Henley Assistant Curate Parish of Staines

    Sent on the hoof…🏇🏇🏇


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