Morning prayer thought

Not sure about a doodle today – but a thought.

I had a curate who retold the parable so that the seed that was carried away by the bird passed all the way through the bird’s digestive system, and landed once again on the ground – there, it grew and took root, flourished, and was fruitful. And all in a place where nobody had planted it.  Perhaps this is why the farmer is so careless with how he scatters the grain, and perhaps some of the seed on the stones and in amongst the weeds also somehow made it, too. For with God nothing in wasted, and there is always grace.


2 thoughts on “Morning prayer thought

  1. the seed that falls on the ground will sooner or later decay but its very decay will make a place which is then more likely to sustain the next seed that falls so that the stony ground becomes fertile. We can see this happening in places like nature reserves made from old quarries as they begin to be recovered by plant life..

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