Ash Wednesday hymn

Here’s  something for Ash Wednesday. The tune is ‘Let all mortal flesh’.

Dust to dust, we mark our repentance,
entering a guilty plea,
Ash to ash, we face our sentence,
Sin writ large for all to see:
Now these signs of all our falls from grace,
mark us for divine embrace.

Dust of earth once shaped and moulded
into this, our human frame,
Body, mind and soul enfolded,
given life and called by name.
Now O Lord remake our damaged form,
Hold us till our hearts grow warm.

Dust that fuels the lights of heaven,
Stars and planets passing by,
Atoms of creation’s splendour,
Earth to earth and sky to sky,
Now our dust, redeemed, sing loud and long
in that universal song.

6 thoughts on “Ash Wednesday hymn

  1. Hi Ally. I offer this in abject humility. I couldn’t do anything like this. But it’s so nearly brilliant that I wonder if you might revisit the last two lines. I just find the idea of dust joining in a ‘sing along’ a bit of an anti-climax, and a rather peculiar image

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