How do we worship? And why?

It’s commonly acknowledged that personality type affects the way that we learn, but surely then it is also a major factor in many other aspects of life, too?

I came across a very interesting piece of research the other day, about how our preferred styles of worship relate to our personality type. You can take part in the research by completing a short survey, accessible through the main site here.

The more people who complete the survey the more significant will be the research’s findings – have fun!

2 thoughts on “How do we worship? And why?

    1. Great – I know there have been quite a few referrals from my site to yours, so I’m glad it’s helped. Good luck with collating the results… Do you want me to take the link down after 18th, or will you still be accepting new data after you start collating? And when you have the results and the analysis, I’d like to plug that, too!

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