What does your screensaver say about you?

I use one of the scrolling text screensavers on my laptop.  I used to change the wording to tally with the time of the church year (yes, I know that’s a bit sad), so at Christmas it would have a quotation from a carol, around Easter it would say ‘Christ is risen’ and so on.  A few weeks ago, sometime in March, I think, I realised it still had the Advent wording(!) so I knew that the time had come to give up on being seasonal.  I suppose it was a response to the sheer amount of work I’m supposed to be able to get through that I finally decided on a permanent wording that would be appropriate no matter what the time of year.  Now, whenever I haven’t done anything for 5 minutes, the scrolling text tells me “JUST GET ON WITH IT”.  I hate it, but I know if I change it that will only serve to prove that the accusation that I may procrastinate (just a little bit) was entirely justifed….  Anyway, now if I want to procrastinate I can check twitter or post something to my blog!

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