Royal Wedding

Top notch Royal Wedding.  A really wonderful blend of ceremoney, solemnity, humanity, and beauty – the Church of England at its best. Wonderful sermon, too.  Congratulations to Prince Harry for managing to look informal in his dress uniform – quite an achievement, and one which helped to make the whole thing so humane and real.  Congratulations to Quinney (organist) and to Johnny B, Jerome and Mark D in the choir, and all the musicians for a really wonderful service. Weird to think that those three also sang in the choir for ‘I was glad’ at my wedding… but without the trees. 

Did I mention, even the trees were pretty fab?  And as for the cartwheeling verger, that was just the icing on the cake.  A fabulous day in every way.  Much adulation to everyone involved.  And every blessing to a couple who looked genuinely at ease with each other and with the wedding.  May their marriage be life-giving and life-long.

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