Hello, I’m Joanna and I am 8. I got an honours award at school for performing arts, mostly for singing. As a well done I got a CD with songs on it but without the singer, so I can do the singing bit.  I also did grade 1 piano and got 131, which is a distinction.  This is very good.

I wrote a book. It’s called ‘The Princess’ and is about a princess that was so beautiful that she had to hide in a castle or everyone would fight over who got to marry her. I wrote it out in my best writing and drew pictures, and then when mummy tried to laminate it, the laminate ate it and then set on fire.  I was asleep when that happened. Mummy had to unplug the laminator and open the windows to let the smoke out.
But now mummy has helped me type it up and scan in the pictures, so here is the final version of The Princess as a booklet so you can print it out double sided if you want and read it as a bedtime story.  But it also means that the first bit you see is actually the last page!


Joanna: Mummy, how do I know that this is real?
Mummy: What’s real?
Joanna: All of this: our house, my bedroom, you.  How do I know it’s all real?
Mummy: You don’t. You could just be a brain in a jar imagining the whole world.
Joanna: But how?
Mummy: Go to sleep. You can read Descartes when you’re older.

Joanna: Did I used to be a chimpanzee?
Mummy: No, evolution takes millions of years.
Joanna: OK, so did you used to be a chimpanzee?
Mummy: No. Go to bed.

Joanna:  Who invented presents?
Daddy: The Three Wise Men.
Joanna: How did they know who was going to bring what? I bet they all wanted to bring gold.

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