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Only some of my hymns are currently registered with CCLI – these are marked with an asterisk, and you can simply include them on your CCLI return. And use the following copyright notice when you reproduce them:
Words © Ally Barrett / Jubilate administered by Jubilate Hymns Ltd copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk

You can also find these hymns on the Jubilate website.

If you’d like to use any of the others, please do help yourself, and just include a note that it’s
© Ally Barrett. Used with permission. reverendally.org

Lord, in our waiting and watching, we pray
Tune: Slane

This is your body, for your people giv’n
Tune: Finlandia, or Gibbons’ Song 1

Dark is the night
Tune: Eventide

Hope for the world’s despair *
Tune: Love Unknown

Let the silent voices sing
Tune: Louise

Have mercy, Lord, upon us all
Tune: Before the ending of the day

Lord of our life, beginning and end
Tune: Slane

O Christ, our shepherd, brother, friend
Tune: Kingsfold

Jesus made water into wine
Tune: On Ilkley More

In every generation (There came a generation)
Tune: Ewing

Now send us out to serve you, Lord
Tune: I saw three ships

Solemn notes of tribute sounded
Tune: Schmucke Dich

Little baby, sweetly slumbering
Tune: Dance of the sugar plum fairy

Praise for the depths of space
Tune: Love Unknown

He’ll be riding on a donkey
Tune: She’ll be coming round the mountain

Here and now we’re bound together *
Tune: Abbot’s Leigh

May this place be one of nurture
Tune: Corvedale

Everyone here has a part to play
Tune: Korobeiniki (Tetris theme tune)

O God of all salvation
Tune: King’s Lynn (can also be sung to Corvedale and Finsbury Park)

A world in shadow once again
Tune: O waly waly

Come to God’s table, for all is prepared
Tune: Slane

Mothers and fathers of the faith
Tune: Father we place into your hands

Here we are giving *
Tune: Bunessan

Praise the Lord for faithful service
Tune: Lauda Anima

Longing for a hope-filled morning *
Tune: Picardy

Thank you, O Lord, for the gift of this day
Tune: Slane

Words of the prophets since the world began
Tune: Woodlands

All glory be to Jesus
Tune: Ellacombe

A gift each day, our daily bread
Tune: Kingsfold

Early while the world was sleeping
Tune: Lauda Anima

For all with heavy loads to bear *
Tune: Melita

Gracious God, your love has found us
Tune: Guiting Power or Wulfstan Way

Dust to dust
Tune: Picardy

Glory to God, the mother of creation
Tune: Londonderry Air

Star of Wonder! Light to lead us!
Tune: Sing hosanna

O radiant Lord and Light of light
Tune: Gonfalon Royal

Freely we give, and freely share
Tune: Jerusalem

Love, faith and hope are free
Tune: Simple gifts (Lord of the dance)

Bless this sacred moment
Tune: All things bright and beautiful

Life comes to an upper room
Tune: St Edmund or Art House

Dear Father God, we gather here
Tune: Repton

Bless this water, bless this child
Tune: All things bright and beautiful

Word of life! Such transformation!
Tune: Regent Square

We place into your hands, O Lord
Tune: Repton

Jesus, our Saviour, your life-giving breath
Tune: Slane

O sing aloud to God our strength
Tune: Kingsfold

Here we sing our great thanksgiving
Tune: Abbot’s Leigh

Hope of our calling
Tune: Woodlands

Take, O take me as I am (additional verses)
Tune: Take, O take me as I am

All our blessings, all our joys
Tune: All things bright and beautiful

For those who gave us life and breath
Tune: O Waly Waly

If we’d been there so long ago
Tune: O Waly Waly

May we who gather in your name
Tune: Golden Sheaves

Lord of all time, our end and our beginning
Tune: Highwood

Be here, Lord, in your churches
Tune: Aurelia

We join with the angels, our voices we raise (metrical gloria)
Tune: St Denio or Away in a manger

There came a shepherd from the hillside
Tune: Tyrolean melody

There’s a story to tell of creation
Tune: Sing hosanna

Be present, Lord, among us here
Tune: Tallis’ Canon or Cholsey

We come to this, your table, Lord
Tune: St Peter

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