Hymns: Advent to Candlemas

Here are the hymns I’ve written that might be most useful during Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, and Candlemas. This also includes songs I’ve written for Christingle services.

First lineMetreTuneThemes/occasion
Little baby, sweetly slumberingThe dance of the Sugar plum fairyChristmas, nativity services
Mothers and fathers of the faith8686869Father we place into your handsAdvent wreath
When I am feeling dull and greyThis little light of mineExtra verse for use with the sparkly Christingle talk
Here we are giving5554DBunessanChristingle at Epiphany, also harvest, references humanity as God’s treasure
Longing for a hope-filled morning868697

PicardyAdvent, longing, darkness and light, conflict and peace.
Words of the prophets10.10.10.10?Prophecy fulfilled in the incarnation, heaven touching earth
Star of wonder & refrain

Sing Hosanna
Epiphany, the three gifts, guiding star
O radiant Lord and light of light8888Gonfalon RoyalLight generally
Dear Father God we gather here868866ReptonCandlemas
There’s a story to tell of creation10.8.10.9 & refrainSing HosannaAdvent wreath
Jesus, you’re coming, bringing the love (Kindle a flame)Colours of dayChristingle (advent)
Earth is so small in the whole of creation11.11.10.10 & refrainMy Favourite ThingsChristingle (Candlemas)