A hymn for when things are hard

Lord, in our waiting and watching, we pray
that you would watch with us as night turns to day,
and if morning comes and we still cannot stand,
through every long moment keep holding our hand.

Lord, when our tears do not bring us relief,
You weep at our side in our pain and our grief,
Whenever it seems that we suffer alone,
In life’s hardest moments, Lord, make yourself known.

Lord, in our anger when pain is ignored,
when voices are silenced, experience is scorned,
Sustain us, and raise us to speak and be heard,
and soften hard hearts with the power of your word.

Lord, in our weariness, give us your peace,
the hope that the world’s many troubles will cease,
Then help us to find that in each place of need,
your love is transforming each thought, word and deed.

(Tune: Slane)

I wrote this last month and then forgot about it. Sorry about that. But here it is now.

2 thoughts on “A hymn for when things are hard

  1. Would be interesting to know the specifics here: so many people apparently blame Covid for feeling sad – but the political situation and climate change are equal if not more potential destructive and therefore worrying – odd that these have become unmentionables, within the church…

  2. I think people will read their own specifics into the lyrics – so I’m afraid my non-specificness is deliberate. As to what’s in my own head? Mostly the concerns and stories of people I know (for instance, verse three was a direct response to BLM). Covid hasn’t caused all the problems, but it has exacerbated existing injustices, and made grief harder and more complex than usual, perhaps. But as I say, this isn’t particularly a covid hymn, and people can read their own experience into it.

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