25th anniversary of women’s priestly ministry in the C of E

This was written for the service in York Minster on 17th May 2014, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of women priests in the Church of England – anyone is welcome to use it, and it may be useful for those now celebrating 25 years.

The tune is Londonderry Air.

Glory to God, the mother of creation,

in love you brought the universe to birth,

then gave your life to purchase the salvation

of all the sons and daughters of the earth.

Glory to you, for love that’s shown through history:

the warp and weft that patterns time and space.

By grace you’re known, yet known to be a mystery,

and we can touch eternity in your embrace.

Glory to you for calling us to service,

shepherds and stewards, messengers and priests,

we give ourselves in gratitude and gladness

as guests and hosts at your thanksgiving feast.

Our hearts exult in loving affirmation,

We sing with joy, your greatness we proclaim.

Your praise resounds in every generation,

Our souls with Mary magnify your holy name.

We are united, in Christ’s body dwelling,

one in the Spirit: wind and fire and dove;

one in the grace and hope of every calling,

to lift the ways of earth to heav’n above.

Through all our lives your power is ever flowing,

To show your work of love is underway;

Stir up your gift in us, your grace bestowing,

so we may speak and live your Word afresh today.


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