Morning Hymn

Here’s a morning hymn that goes to Slane, to reflect the clothing and armour bits of Ephesians 6 and Colossians 3. A bit rough and ready, because I needed it for something in a hurry. Suggestions for improvement are most welcome!

Morning by morning you call us anew
To live each day faithfully, following you,
you bless us and keep us and stay by our side:
our friend and companion, our guardian and guide.

As we rejoice in the gift of this day,
prepare us in heart, mind, and body, we pray,
to seek out your presence in every new place,
and join in your work of redemption and grace.

This is is the armour of Jesus our Lord:
The truth for a belt, and your word for a sword,
Salavtion our helmet, and shoes for our feet
to help us bring peace to the people we meet.

Clothe us with kindness, compassion and care,
with patient forgiveness, in meekness and prayer,
We’ll wrap all your world in a mantle of love,
in tune with the love-song of heaven above.

2 thoughts on “Morning Hymn

  1. You came to speak at our Quiet Day at Little Gidding last September and it was a wonderful day. Since then I have been receiving your posts. But I wonder whether you could help me now: I am very old but am helping teaching our group of 4 – 7s in Sunday School and am next on on Ascension Day. I went through all your hymns, but could not find one suitable for that occasion. Have you got something you can recommend to me? Of course it has to be a very well known tune as they are very young, and my singing abilities are very limited!

    I should be most grateful for your suggestions, and sorry to bother you.

    My daughter, a permanent deacon in Birmingham, has sung your Birmingham hymn and said it went very well.

    Best wishes

    Judith Hodgson

    1. Hello Judith – lovely to hear from you.
      I actually started tinkering with some ideas for an all age ascension song the other day! I will dig out what I wrote and see if I can get it into shape. How shall I best get hold of you when I have a final version?

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