Advent doodle 1: Hills of the North, rejoice

I don’t know yet if I’ll try for (let alone succeed at) a doodle a day again, but here’s day one, based on the readings from today’s Eucharist (bits of Isaiah 2 & Matthew 8) and the hymn that seemed most to resonate with them.

We are those who come
from North and South
and East and West;
We are those who come
not in our own right,
but by the grace of God;
We are those who come late,
unclean, and unprepared;
We are those who, as beloved guests,
sometimes need reminding
that we do not own this:
it is a gift that we may come as we are
to become all we were created to be.


3 thoughts on “Advent doodle 1: Hills of the North, rejoice

  1. Wow….BIG WOW, Ally. Now that is what I call a proper doodle. Mine usually happen next to the phone when my Beloved Brother rings, and is mindless and predictable. Yours must have taken hours, and is a work of art. Would make a great piece to have on the wall, especially for the advent season. Looking forward to more! X Alison P

    1. Thank you! I am a proper old fidget, so when I have a coffee break, I have to give myself something to fiddle with – hence the doodling! I’ve also never been great a silent prayer, so doodling is my stillness. 🙂

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