A hymn about safeguarding, of all things

I wrote this for someone who was planning a service to pray for all those who work as safeguarding officers.  One sets out to write a hymn about this subject with a certain degree of fear and trembling.  But here it is. As always, it’s free for anyone to use – you don’t have to ask.   Feedback is always welcome, too.

The tune is Corvedale (that’s the triple time tune that’s often used for There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy).

May this place be one of nurture
where we all may come to know
how your endless love sustains us
as we live and move and grow.
May we work to build your kingdom
full of truth and light and grace,
living life in all its fullness
held in one divine embrace.

For our negligence and failures
you have called us to repent,
drawing energy for action
from the voices of lament.
As the secret hurts long hidden
may at last be brought to light,
may the truth unlock the freedom
that is every person’s right.

When the smallest child is valued,
and the strong empower the weak,
and each human life is hallowed
and the unheard voices speak:
then your justice stands like mountains
and your mercy falls like rain,
and you hold the brokenhearted
till they learn to live again.

So in gratitude we praise you,
and we lift to you in prayer,
all the people you are calling
to this ministry of care.
Give us wisdom, grace and courage,
holding fast to all that’s good,
seeing Christ in one another
we will love and serve our Lord.

11 thoughts on “A hymn about safeguarding, of all things

  1. This is really beautiful – not only for safeguarding, but for the whole pastoral ministry of our churches. Many thanks; you are a wonderful blessing!

    Fiona Sent from my iPad

    The Reverend Fiona Solman Rector of the United Benefice of Etwall and Egginton Etwall Rectory Rectory Court Etwall Derbyshire 01283 732349


  2. This is beautiful, poignant and speaks my prayers…. thank you for your courage in approaching this task!

    I am a Bishop’s Safeguarding Adviser in an Anglican Diocese and I will use this …..

  3. Thank you for this. I am a recently appointed Safeguarding Officer and will stick this on my desk. It is beautiful.

  4. I wonder if you might consider adding a verse for Seniors safeguarding. Something that honors respect and wisdom, perhaps? I am a leader in long term care, and have regrettably investigates and disciplined more abuse cases than I care to remember.

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