School Rules Song remix / midrash

I really admire the work of the Johnsons (Out of the Ark Music) – their creativity is incredible!  So, no offence, copyright infringement, or anything otherwise wrong or negative is intended by the following re-write of their very popular ‘School Rules Song’.  It will also make no sense unless you know the original.

This is an important mission
We all have a part to play
Sharing in the love of Jesus every day.

Love the Lord with all your heart,
Love your neighbour, do your part
in building…. God’s kingdom.
Love yourself, and you will see
how to live communally,
we’re building…. God’s kingdom.

This is an important mission
We all have a part to play
Living out the great commission:
to share the love of God today.

Share the good things you’ve been giv’n
Making this world more like heav’n
we’re building…. God’s kingdom.
Work or play, just do your best,
Trust that God will do the rest
in building… the kingdom.

la la la la la…  

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