God’s House

A few things from yesterday’s children’s chapel made me smile. In response to the gospel reading (Jesus turning over the tables in the Temple – John 2.13-22) we talked about what it was like to come into God’s House (The Temple was God’s house, church is God’s house, Jesus is God’s house, etc).

Each child was given a piece of folded paper, and was asked to draw on it something that would represent God’s house – it was folded in case they wanted to depict an outside and an inside. Here are some of the responses:

1. One boy, age 8, refused to draw anything on the outside, because ‘It doesn’t matter what the outside is like, it’s what happens when you go in that matters.’

2. One girl, age 3, drew a huge smiley face inside, and then poked a hole through the paper ‘to make sure there is a back door too.’

3. One boy, age 10, drew flames inside his, because ‘when it’s cold outside, you come in and someone’s lit the fire and you gather around it and get warm, and you’re with the people you love – that’s what God’s house is like’.

4. One boy, age 8, drew trees and plants, because ‘I meet God everywhere I go. He made everything, so all of creation is his house.’

Yet again, the kids get it. They totally get it.

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