New (first draft) wedding hymn

Well, here’s something. This time the challenge came through twitter (rather than facebook).  The challenge was for a wedding hymn to the tune of Jerusalem (so as to avoid actually singing Jerusalem – which, given the wedding that gave rise to the conversation was in Wales, didn’t seem all that appropriate!).  The most observant of you will spot that I’ve used the second verse tune for both verses (the difference is in the rhythm of the penultimate line).

Here’s my first stab at it, with various people’s suggestions for improvement incorporated (for which many thanks!) – further suggestions are very welcome!

Freely we give, and freely share
All that we have, and all we are,
Our pledge to cherish and embrace,
Made through this covenant of grace.
With soul and body intertwined,
We give ourselves, in heart and mind,
to deeper union day by day,
and walk in step along life’s way.

[Alternative less personal first verse:
Freely to give, and freely share All that we have, and all we are,
A pledge to cherish and embrace, Made through this covenant of grace.
With soul and body intertwined, two lives together, heart and mind,
in deeper union day by day, will walk in step along life’s way.]

Kindle a flame both bright and bold,
Out of the earth bring purest gold,
Turn all our water into wine,
Teach us new songs of joy divine!
Give us your patience, make us kind,
Increase our faith that we may find
that in true love, good Lord, we pray,
we’ll walk together all life’s way.

4 thoughts on “New (first draft) wedding hymn

  1. how about “covenant” rather than sacrament or festival? sacrament would bar some people from using the words on principle, festival doesn’t quite put across the depth of marriage, and it is after all a covenantal relationship – one based on mutual trust and self-giving rather than a legal contract based on enforceable rights…

  2. Like this a lot – except one line. In verse 2 ‘Out of the earth forge rings of gold’ – but I see you;’e already changed it! Good thinking: with Lord of the Rings movie around, a LOT of people will associate forging rings with, let’s say, the opposite of what you want here. Otherwise nice wedding hymn, and retains the spirit of Jerusalem.

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