2 thoughts on “Love life live advent – 21st December – Look and listen

  1. Dear Ally,

    Don’t know if you will remember me, but this is just to let you know how much I – not to mention others in Godmanchester – have been enjoying your Advent tweets and to thank you for them. I remember being in Hinchingbrooke having my first replacement hip when you became pregnant with Joanna: can it really be all those years ago?

    Wishing you all God’s richest blessings this Christmas and a very happy New Year. Kindest wishes, Joan

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    1. Dear Joan,
      How completely wonderful to hear from you! I remember you well – and I do miss you. You were always so kind to me, and full of sensible wisdom. And if my memory hasn’t failed me completely, wasn’t it also you who made me all those lovely cushions for the All Age Eucharist about the stilling of the storm? I still get people telling me how much their little cushions mean to them, so I should thank you over and over for them!
      All is well here – do miss our friends from Godmanchester, Buckden and Offord, but we are having a wonderful time.
      Do give my love to everyone,
      and every blessing for Christmas and beyond,

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