Bible Sunday hymn

For anyone who missed it last year, here’s a hymn for Bible Sunday.
Usual rules apply: help yourself, no need for CCLI etc.
Tune: Regent Square, or other compatible 878787 tunes.

Word of life! Such transformation!
bringing light to darkest space;
loving mother of creation,
forging life in every place.
Shine that light on every nation,
gather us in your embrace.

Word of truth! You spoke though history,
prophets knew you as their friend;
As you shared with earth the mystery
of your love that knows no end.
Yet your fullest glory must be
More than words can comprehend.

Word made flesh! You came to meet us,
pitched your tent among our own,
Born on earth so heaven could greet us:
God in human heart and bone.
Teach us, lead us, tend us, feed us
with the life that’s yours alone.

Words of scripture, here you teach us,
All you speak is here received.
Shared by print and voice to reach us:
written, read and now believed;
Speak again to all and  each, as
faith is grown and life is lived.

2 thoughts on “Bible Sunday hymn

    1. I have to be honest – I’m too lazy to bother with CCLI, and since it’s highly likely that there’ll ever be any commercial use of any of my hymns (beyond them going into hymn books) there doesn’t seem to be much point in putting obstacles in people’s paths – it’s not as if I could ever make a living as a hymn writer! Delighted that you liked the hymn. 🙂

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