Love life live Lent – Wednesday 12th March – Be more loving

Knowing that they are loved is possibly the most fundamentally important thing that a human being needs in order flourish and become all that they were created to be. When Jesus was baptised, before he had done anything for which he was to become renowned, he heard the most amazing words of affirmation from God his heavenly Father:
“You are my son, my beloved, with you I am well pleased.”
And the wonderful thing is that those words were not a rewards for a job well done, they were the starting point for all that Jesus would go on to do. Those words rang in his ears as he went out into the desert to be tempted, and they rang in his ears throughout his three years of ministry, and they were still ringing in his ears as he journeyed to the cross.  Before he was anything else, he was beloved.
Of course, he already knew that.  Jesus was brought up in a loving home and he had first learned about the love of God through the love of a parent.  That’s how most of us, if we are lucky, learn about what love is like.  Knowing that we are loved needs to be the first thing we ever know. We need to know it before we are old enough to articulate it. And we need to know it if we, in turn, going to offer that same gift of unconditional love to another person.
To tell someone you love them and mean it is the most profound of gifts. It is to give them what they need to face whatever life can throw at them.
You, too, are beloved, and your love is your greatest power. Use it well, use it generously.

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