A Hymn for Candlemas

A Hymn for Candlemas (aka the Feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple)  Tune: Repton. 

Dear Father God, we gather here
In this great house of prayer.
We come just as we are to you
as one who knows us through and through,
and keeps us in your care,
in love beyond compare.

Dear Father God, we praise the name
of Jesus Christ your Son,
The light for all the nations shines,
we see how your salvation binds
all people into one,
and brings your children home.

Dear Father God, we sing your praise
for promises come true.
As young and old our voices raise
and joyfully proclaim, “God’s ways
are heaven breaking through
to make the earth anew.

So Father God, may each of us
go out into the night
to share the joy you give to us,
to praise, to sing, to teach, to bless
all people with your light,
and make the darkness bright.

We praise you, Father, for you own
our future and our past.
Your promised kingdom soon shall come,
and then, when earthly life is done
your love will hold us fast,
in heaven’s peace at last.

7 thoughts on “A Hymn for Candlemas

  1. Thanks for this, Ally. As with several of your previous offerings, I have added a link to this in the Arthur Rank Centre’s worship resources for rural churches. Keep up the creative work 🙂

  2. My churches loved this hymn – many people were flabbergasted that people are still writing hymns, so I had some useful conversations. For the morning services, we omitted verse 4.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Ally I’ve just found your hymn for Candlemas on your website. Is it OK to use it in our service in church? Do we need any copyright cover? Hope that’s OK. Many thanks
    Rebecca Harris
    REctor – Creech ST Michael, Ruishton & Thornfalcon
    PS I follow your comments on Clergy Mummies!

    1. Help yourself! There’s nothing to pay, and no need to include it in a CCLI return, but it would be lovely if you could put (c) Ally Barrett somewhere. If anyone else likes it and wants to use it, please do tell them the same. So glad that it will be useful. Xx

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