A Psalm of Repentance (and thanksgiving)

With apologies to whoever wrote Psalm 22 and Psalm 139,
and to the writer of John 21.

My God, my God, why have you not forsaken me?
For you, and you alone, see me as I am, as a worm and no man.
You see the sin in my heart, in my hands and on my lips;
You see me every evil doing
And you see the excuses that I offer to my own soul.
You have never forsaken me,
But you have chosen me, called me by name,
And invited me to share in your work!
Such knowledge is too wonderful for me,
And I cannot attain to it.
How can I feed your lambs?
Only with the bread of heave, the bread of life.
How can I tend your flock?
Only by the inspiration of the One True Shepherd.
O my God, make me into an instrument
Of your love for all your children,
For I cannot love them enough by myself.
I depend on you for my every breath,
For my every step, for my every word.
Breathe through me, guide me, speak through me,
For I am yours alone
And without you I am nothing at all.

2 thoughts on “A Psalm of Repentance (and thanksgiving)

  1. we liked this a lot – lovely first line which makes you read on. I got an email while we were in Hedon and Beverley named A Psalm of Repentance (ii) but could not open it. Hope you all have a lovely holiday. x Mum and Dad

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