A hymn for the Easter Vigil

My last post was a hymn that I didn’t think would be much liturgical use. This one’s the exact opposite: it has a very specific liturgical use, because it’s a metrical version of the ‘Song of Moses and Miriam’ which tells of the crossing of the Red Sea, and is used during the Easter Vigil.  My own churches don’t actually *do* an Easter vigil, so as this hymn was feeling lonely and redundant, I thought I’d post it here to see if anyone else would like it either for use in worshiph or just to read.  The tune is ‘Kingsfold’ (that’s the one normally used for ‘I heard the voice of Jesus say’).


O sing aloud to God our strength
whose glory conquers all,
His mighty power has raised us up~
While horse and rider fall.
We sing in worship, for to God
All praise and thanks belong,
Our voices raise the melody
Of our salvation’s song.

This is our God, whom we exalt
Until the world shall end;
The Lord who saved our fathers will
To us his love extend.
He did not leave us in our plight
But to the rescue came,
Our strong defender in the fight,
Jehovah is his name.

His powerful hand has been our shield
And glorious is his might,
And all the hosts of evil now
are shattered at the sight.
The breath divine that gave us life
The mighty flood sets free,
And so the water’s swirling rage
Devours our enemy.

Almighty is the power of God,
His love will never end,
He has redeemed us, set us free,
and leads us by the hand.
And now he brings us to that place
Where we may dwell secure,
The holy house of God shall be
Our haven evermore.

All glory be to God on high,
The Father, Spirit, Son,
To whom we raise the melody
Of our salvation’s song.

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