I dabble in various arty things, and by posting them I’m not implying anything about their quality or artistic value, but if you like them, you’re welcome to download them and use them.

Esther, in that moment between her going into the King’s court and having to bow down and be subservient. 

Four strong women save Moses

Ruth and Naomi (maybe, if you half close your eyes!)

For the Holy Innocents:

Woman with ointment bathes Jesus’ feet:

The crucifixion
The heavens are torn open, and we see heaven through them like the gold on an icon.
Or, it’s a pre-echo of the healing wound that Thomas touched after the resurrection.

1 Kings 19: When Elijah couldn’t even, God gave him permission to rest by providing a tree for shelter, some water and a cake.

Elijah sleeping under the broom tree

Three depictions of Jesus’ healing of the woman with haemorrhages.
These were auctioned for the charity ‘Bloody Good Period’










This is based on Isaiah 43.1-2:

Here’s one based on Julian of Norwich’s vision of the hazel nut: ‘It exists because God loves it’.

Hands holding a hazel nut

John 21

Peter went out and wept bitterly:

Here’s one of Mary:

The Canaanite / Syrophonoecian woman with the dog who eats the crumbs (x 2)

Easter morning in the garden

The Visitation

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem (from the Stations of the Cross):

Madonna and child:


Baptism of Christ:

This one’s rainbow-themed, and is called ‘People of God’. No idea how many people there are (best guess somewhere between 750 and 1000) but they’re all unique.

People of God - acrylic on canvas
People of God

Westcott House in Summer, and then in Winter

Mary, co-sleeping:



The ‘O’ Antiphons

Mary. Or Hannah. Or Sarah. Or Hagar. Or Eve….


The Angels and the Shepherds


Flight into Egypt


Let there be light

Advent Illustrated Light

Psalm 1 (two versions)

The incarnation


The Holy Family?

2013-03-08 00.29.35









2013-03-01 19.29.42



St Mary's Church line drawing

2012-08-07 14.45.17


Offord Church pen and ink

Offord Church Watercolour

Resurrection encounters, drawn with charcoal taken from the Easter Fire.

Jesus and Peter embracing after the resurrection, drawn in charcoal

Jesus at the supper at Emmaus - drawn in charcoal

Jesus showing the disciples his wounds and saying 'Peace be with you' - drawn in charcoal

Mary and Jesus in the garden, drawn in charcoal

Two pictures of the Holy Family:

These next two were drawn by my son when he was eight!

lancaster drawing

train drawing



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