Very short biography: born in 1975, in East Yorkshire, was blessed in being able to study both music and theology at Cambridge (not least because that’s where I met my husband!), worked in a ‘proper job’ for a while before realising that I was supposed to be a priest. I was ordained in the Church of England in 2003 and until 2014 I was vicar of two parishes in the Diocese of Ely.  I then spent a year in the USA, during which I worked voluntarily as a children’s minister in the Episcopal Church, then returned to Cambridge to become a Tutor at Westcott House, where I’m now Director of Pastoral Studies.

I like to write – sermons, blog posts, hymns, resources, booklets, songs, poems…. Some of the stuff on this site is work-related (ie sermons) and some is just me.  In my spare time I love to sing jazz, paint, and draw in pen and ink. Occasionally I write short stories and publish them online, but using a secret identity! I like marmite and sci-fi, soft blankets and warm houses on cold nights, and very dark chocolate.  Most of all I love my husband, Sam, and two children, who have helped me to keep becoming what I’m meant to be.



  1. Rev. Ally, thank you for the beautiful hymn “For Those Who Give Us Life and Breath.” We are using it this Sunday, May 12, 2013 at Richardson Park United Methodist Church in Wilmington, DE, as our Offertory Hymn for Mother’s Day – USA. God bless you and all your good works!

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